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At the heart of our community

Tullibody CDT, formerly Tullibody Action Group played a crucial role in stopping the construction of a new school on the playing fields and preventing the adjacent Civic Centre from being closed down.


They effectively prevented these developments, which would have threatened the crucial hub for sports, recreation, social gatherings, and events that the Civic Centre provides.


During the Annual General Meeting of the Tullibody Action Group on September 12th, 2017, the group established the Tullibody Community Development Trust with the aim of creating a community-owned and managed space that is accessible to everyone.


Tullibody CDT plans to develop the centre and transfer the public park to the trust to ensure that the largest and only significant green space in the community is safeguarded against any future development.

Original Tullibody Community Development Trust Members in 2018
Front entrance view of Tullibody Civic Centre before community ownership

Our Journey

FEB 2015

Clackmannanshire Council plans to construct a new Tullibody South Campus on the playing fields of Tullibody Public Park.


They will close the Civic Centre and sell it to a developer.


A group called Save Tullibody Public Park forms to take action.


They organise a public meeting to discuss the issue.

MAY 2015

Activists begin a petition on Change.org to stop the new campus from being built on the park.


They successfully collect 1,328 signatures, enabling the petition to be discussed at the next council meeting.


The Save Tullibody Public Park group creates a Facebook page.


The Tullibody Action Group forms to take more concrete action.

JULY 2016

The community creates a petition called “Save The Civic Centre” on Change.org.


At the second public meeting, 220 residents attend and voice their support for maintaining the green space. Local politicians pledge to safeguard it.


Despite this, Tullibody Civic Centre remains under threat of closure, and the Tullibody Action Group starts developing plans to save the centre.


The Civic Centre and Park host a Fresh Air Fun Day to bring attention to their importance in the community.


DTAS provides Tullibody Action Group (TAG) with its first funding for a feasibility study to formulate a community assessment and action plan for the Tullibody Civic Centre.


TAG hosts the first-ever election Hustings at the Civic Centre.


TAG submits a Note of Interest to Clackmannanshire Council for community ownership of Civic Centre, park, playing fields, bowling green, and car parking areas.


Tullibody Action Group officially becomes Tullibody Community Development Trust (Tullibody CDT) and holds its first Trustees Meeting.


Clackmannanshire Council plans to close the Civic Centre due to ongoing budget cuts, leading to protests marches to Save the Civic Centre from closure.


The Scottish Land Fund is applied for by Tullibody Community Development Trust to conduct a feasibility study, with a Stage 1 proposal submitted.


Potential civic centre users, local councillors, and trade workers participate in consultation meetings.


An examination of the building is visually surveyed.


Tullibody Community Development Trust receives funding to refurbish, clean, perform safety checks, and make repairs to the community centre.


The centre reopens for repairs and lets, which bring income to the centre on a regular basis.


Tullibody Community Development Trust submits an application to Clackmannanshire council to purchase the centre.


Tullibody Civic Centre closes due to funding and COVID-19


The Tullibody Community Development Trust successfully acquires ownership of the Civic Centre, car park, and bowling green, following six years of dedicated effort to save the facility from closure.


The community is proud to have taken ownership of the building, once managed by the council.


The trust is already preparing to submit more funding applications to initiate the much-needed refurbishment and reconfiguration of the building.


We begin refurbishments.


The trust hires 2 staff members.


Trustees, volunteers, and staff members run the centre, which is open 7 days a week.


Tullibody CDT continues to apply for funding, and we produce a “Community Vision” document for the future of the community centre.


Work commences to transform the old bowling green into a new multi-use games area with an all-weather surface.


Construction of the new Astro Green is complete. The first football training sessions are a success.

We propose to protect and secure the Tullibody Civic Centre and Heritage Centre, creating a space that caters to the social, cultural, educational, and health needs of our growing community while enhancing our natural environment.


These areas, including the park and Civic Centre, are essential community resources that are beloved and frequently utilised.

Our aim is to preserve their accessibility and functionality for future generations.


Our plan to safeguard these areas acknowledges their fundamental role in our community’s natural landscape. By prioritising their protection and preservation, we hope to promote a thriving and healthy community where all members can flourish.

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