A mindful body conditioning and low-impact exercise routine suitable for everyone

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My Name is Kirsten Kerr and I have been teaching pilates since 2004

Kirsten completed all her Pilates training with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) which means the exercises are all modified to suit people with pain or injuries.

Pilates is a mindful body conditioning and low-impact exercise routine and is suitable for everyone. It aims to improve mobility, flexibility and strength and is also good for relaxation and managing stress/ mood/ anxiety. Pilates can also help with pain management and prevention of injuries and improve activities of daily living and sporting performance.

Clinical Pilates which is led by a Physiotherapist ensures that the classes are taught in such a way that all the exercises are modified to suit people with pain or injuries. The class sizes are limited to small numbers so that everyone can be fully supervised and always monitored, and the programme is tailored to individual needs.

The classes are 60 minutes each and run in six-week blocks and they consist of a warmup and cool down, stretches, strengthening relaxation and breathing exercise

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