T’AI CHI: Grace Millet

What is CHI GONG ?

Developed in China with its roots in promoting health, from the outside it is a set of slow movement exercises combined with the correct breathing. From the inside – doing chi gong – it is balancing the body’s energy to promote good health.

It focuses on the body as a whole and involves the direct exercise of the circulatory, cardiovascular, lymphatic, digestive and nervous systems as well as the body’s internal organs – a kind of acupuncture without needles.

Slow, graceful movements combined with mental concentration and relaxed breathing are used to increase and balance a personal’s vital energy or life force (chi or qi).

Many people use it to clear the mind and relieve stress. It is directly related to T’ai Chi.


Normally taught as a sequence of movements called a form, it is done slowly and with minimum use of physical strength. The exact sequence will differ with the style, but whatever form you learn, it teaches the students to become more aware of their bodies and begins to exercise the body’s natural energies- the Chi.

No special clothes or footwear are needed, no special place, just enough room to move the few steps you know. If practised regularly – everyday – it can bring many benefits on a mental, physical and energetic level. It is a wat to achieve a natural state of relaxation, rejuvenate the body and harmonise the mind.

Classes are held every Tuesday 18:00-19:00 at Tullibody civic centre.


For further information call myself, Grace Millet: 07977437653